L 13 Weekly Reflection

My mind is becoming scrambled. Too much information all on top of one another makes these last few lessons and assignments hard to absorb. I appreciate having had this opportunity to learn how to create an online business. I will use much of what I have learned in several different endeavors.

For this week we continued with making SEO rankings better. The use of backlinks has been stressed as a great way to build up one’s rank. I have been encouraged to devise a plan to accomplish this task. So for me the best plan is to become active in online communities relating to writing. This, of course, makes sense. And I enjoy chatting with other writers, but so far some of the sites I have tried have not been as chatty as one would hope. I will continue my efforts as I have had experience with meeting fine writers in the past, so I do know it is possible.

I have changed my AdWord Advertisement from one about contests to one referencing  my Beta Reading Services. After looking back through Google Analytics and Adwords I saw that the only conversion I achieved was from the trial ad I ran based on Beta Reading. So the hope is that it will result in more.

I am in the process of adding captions to pictures on my site as well as creating backlinks from other sites. I still need to make that Facebook page I keep referring to. I think I will go do that now.

The hands on learning has been great and as I continue to muddle through these optimization steps I am confident that I will retain more of the lessons than I think I am taking in.

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